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Who am I

My name is Alexandru Acea and I'm a 21 year old software developer from Romania.

How can I help you

I'm a JavaScript developer focused on FrontEnd experiences. I make modern, extremely fast and responsive websites, ecommerce stores, blogs and more.

I'm looking to get hired or work as a contractor.

Skills / Tools

My framework of choice is ReactJS
I'm experienced with JavaScript ES6, Webpack, HTML5, CSS3 and all it's new additions like CSS Grid and Flexbox (I use SASS 💁). I also worked with REST APIs (using and making them), GraphQL and git.
Also I worked with static page generators such as GatsbyJS for increased speed and SEO.

I center all my work around good design and principles of UX/UI. I also have experience working with designers and design tools such as Zeplin and Figma.

Other skills

Aside from web development I worked for 2 years or more with Android and Java development. I'm still a big fan of mobile development and I've made many apps, one of them reaching 30k downloads and another being featured by LifeHacker.

I'm highly proefficient in English and Romanian and I can also understand German.

I'm also a good communicator and team player, having collaborated with huge and small (but cool) brands.


I'd like to say that everything I do is more or less a hobby but some of my favorites are taking photos and videos and sharing them on my Instagram where I have over 45k followers.


Started programming at 16 developing my first Android apps
Developed around 30 apps for fun and experimenting, but I'm only proud of 3 of them. BreakList, which was featured by LifeHacker. AceWalls which I've made to share my photos and got over 30k downloads. And TextValet which is the most ambitious app I've done.

At that point I was learning Web Development on and off but didn't really like it until I was around 19 and started making web apps. I've got a local restaurant to be my first client and I made a full online order system for them. Meanwhile I've made more projects for fun and to learn better.

Then I started learning React and I've done more freelancer (such as an ecommerce store) and personal work, like this website! Which is fully made with ReactJS.

I've recently worked on a team project with Nokia and I had to create a full fledged online voting system, where I've built the backend and API with NodeJS and Express and deployed it to a Linux server. Then I also created an online platform with React and a mobile app with ReactNative. It was a really extensive project and I've learned a lot from it.
Especially the backend side.

The why

I've always been passionate about creating and finding new ways to express my inner creativity, and so far coding has helped me achieve that the most. It lets me merge all of my hobbies and passions such as photography, video editing and design. I view it as logic based creativity.
Also I love exploring new technologies and tinker with them to see how they work and how they could help me create


I'm one of those people that says that school isn't important while also pursuing a CS degree at The West University of Timisoara.
But for me school isn't importand, education on the other hand is. I've always learned on my own in order to understand more complex subjects and gain new skills. I've completed numerous courses and tutorials, while making a lot of personal projects on the side.

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